We are your perfect match.

In a world where everybody wants to be seen and heard, creativity is the only thing that will help you cut through the static. We make you fit in.

We have professionals for all positions.

Strategic work

Brand positioning, branding strategy and creative development workshops. We take you to the next level.

Produce communication

We produce text, film, photos, illustrations, and designs for all channels. You name it.

Build creative muscle

Campaign strategy, PR strategy, branding and creative analysis that takes your brand from black-and-white to colour TV.

Vill du ha en dyr, långsam och osmidig kreativ lösning? Då rekommenderar vi att du söker dig till en traditionell reklambyrå.

Some of the companies that our creatives currently work with:


Founder, Jonas Randell

We have more talent than you will ever need.

How is it possible? Well, instead of limiting ourselves to just a few co-workers, we pride ourselves on our solid network of headhunted creative talent from a wide range of disciplines.

That way, we’re always able to find the one who best fits your commission, not just the one who happens to be available at the office. More fun for us and a smoother ride for you. And vice versa.

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Du blir glad av att inte
göra som alla andra.

Det är vår erfarenhet i alla fall. Om våra kunder är lika nöjda som våra leverantörer så är det något som inte stämmer. Med hur alla andra gör alltså. Därför är vi bombsäkra på att vi gör rätt i att gå emot strömmen.

This is how our model works.
Piece of cake.

Agent Smith provides chief marketeers, business owners and in-house agencies with a network of hand-picked professional creatives.

Here is our offer.

Flexible and project-based

Since our work is always project-based, you get the help you need without worrying about browsing through never-ending piles of resumes.


Even the best in-house agencies are sometimes blind to flaws. Agent Smith cures the symptoms by providing you with an outside-in perspective by knowledgeable creatives.


You pay only for the creative talent. No overhead costs or surprises on the invoice.


You are always the primary focus of our headhunted creatives since they’re not busy with tons of other projects at the same time. That makes both communication and delivery seamless.


There’s no need for you to search high and low anymore. We’ll find who you’re looking for.

Don’t waste your time
(or money).

Since you won’t spend time finding, evaluating or contacting the best creatives anymore, you’ll save valuable time for more important things, such as learning how to roller skate.

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