We go our own way. It’s faster.

Take the shortcut to creative competence. Agent Smith shows you how.

The shortcut you’ve been
looking for – we found it.

Everyone is talking about simple and flexible solutions. We know. We’re not alone in promising that. But something we actually are alone in is having found a shortcut to provide customers with fast and cost-effective creative work. For real.

We don’t want to limit our offer to a fixed number of employees. The person who is actually best suited for what you need is probably someone who has experience in your particular field. You shouldn’t have to settle for being assigned to the person in the office who is currently available. In addition to the work not being as good as it could be, it will also be more expensive because you pay the same amount, regardless of whether it is a senior art director or an intern who does the work.

That’s why Agent Smith has built a network of top-of-the-line creatives, a network where you can find all kinds of talent for media and creative production. That way, we can always offer you the person that best suits your commission. You avoid redundant overhead costs by selecting talent suited to the task. It may seem obvious, but sometimes the biggest hurdle is finding the right fit. That’s why we do it for you. Our project-based model also ensures a flexible relationship, as well as an invaluable outside perspective.

You can stop looking now. Take the shortcut with us.

With skills and talent, 
we’ve got this.

We can fill your in-house department with creative muscle,
or find the right copywriter when yours is on parental leave.

Campaign development

Where do you find your target customer group with an ad campaign? Our creatives come up with the ideas that will get you the attention you need in the right places and by the right people so that your customers will find you.

Branding strategy

Rebrand or keep pace using your current strategy? We do both. Our strategists will help you define your vision and mission statement as well as assist you with marketing, identity and positioning work.

Social media strategy

Social media is the face of your brand. But creating a flow relevant to your present and future customers takes both brains, skills and a sharp eye. We provide the whole package.

Visual identity

You eat with your eyes first, as chefs say. The same goes for investments. You buy things that look nice. Our graphic designers and illustrators make your brand pretty.  


Everything gets funnier when it moves. Or clearer. Or prettier. 3D is our pride and joy since our animators are the best in the business. Now you know where to find them. 


The need for professional film and photography is never ending. We do small productions for social media as well as big shoots for world wide TV and cinema.

Graphic design

To develop a new visual identity or to understand a present one is a craft and an art form that our talent has mastered.

Web design

A website is a digital business card. Without it, you barely exist. We design and develop websites according to your wishes and dreams.

Google Ads

To advertise on Google is a science in itself. We have professional Google Ads specialists. Expect an ROI through the roof.

Search engine optimisation

SEO controls how people move on the internet. Using the right words and knowing where to put them is hard currency these days. We have wordsmiths who are up to the task. 

Text for the web

We’ve all seen poor and nonsensical AI translations. Get a pro to write your content instead. Confidence in your brand will skyrocket and you’ll have one less problem to deal with.

Facebook ads

Facebook has their own tool for advertising, which is also used for advertising on Instagram. Knowing how to master it is vital for your internet presence. We know how to navigate towards great results.

Looking for something else? Let us know!


Frölunda Torg - Göteborg & C/O - Kårp - Brillman Optik - Mina Lokaler - Yrgo

Frölunda Torg - Göteborg & C/O - Kårp - Brillman Optik - Mina Lokaler - Yrgo

This is how it works.

In six easy steps, we give your company creative superpowers. Simple as that. You tell us what you need and then just relax while we find the creative talent best suited to your needs.


You discover a need for creative help.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about someone to solve the creative tasks at your office? Or a sudden need has emerged.


We handpick your creatives.

We want to provide you with the person who best understands your challenges and your business. So we set up a meeting where you explain what you're looking for and we ask the questions we need to ask in order to find you the right creative pro.


We present our recommendations to you.

We present you with the best match and have a discussion with you. Quality is key. Being available is not enough. We provide you with the people who best fit the task.


You choose the one(s)
you like best.

Once you’ve been briefed by us, it’s up to you to choose the one(s) you like best.


We sign a deal

Once you’ve made your choice(s), we sign a deal to simply define the task at hand and who’ll be involved in working on it. 


Agent Smith is with you through the entire process.

To make sure everything has been done in a satisfactory manner, we have a final meeting at the end of the project.

Experience makes us modern

If you have spent as much time working within the media and communications industry as we have, you realize that the way we do business is deeply flawed. To not use what we know to try to make it better would be a waste of knowledge.

Our experience has taught us that projects can tend to become sluggish and they don’t live up to what was originally intended. Poor communication is often to blame. To prevent a bulky workflow from halting your projects we have stripped away everything that’s not necessary.  

Everything must change. But don’t worry, we will take care of it.

Sounds interesting?
Get in touch!

Book a meeting or ask a question to jumpstart your assignment. During the ongoing pandemic, we prefer to be seen on Zoom, Teams, Meets, or phone. Whatever works best for you works best for us.

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Frequently asked questions  

Take a look at our FAQ. You might even get wiser.

How do I find the right creative?

You stop looking right now. At Agent Smith, we think of matching creative competence as a craft. We’re obsessed with finding the right fit for your creative needs, and not just who is available at the agency. We look at your needs, budget and timeframe and present you with a selection of handpicked candidates from our creative pool, and together we decide who is the right choice for you.  

What do I do if the match doesn’t quite feel right?

At Agent Smith, we work to ensure your match is the right one before, during and after the assignment is complete. That is why we have regular check-ins to ensure that everything is working as it should. After the assignment is complete, we evaluate the process and the result together to make sure that we delivered according to your wishes.

Who is my contact?

You have continuous contact with us before, during and after the assignment. We want to help you and your business, and we are with you all the way from start to finish.

How do you charge?

As a customer, you don’t commit to anything until we have signed a delivery contract with you that determines the content, length and budget of the commission.

Why should I use Agent Smith? 

We are obsessed with the idea of ​​offering a better range of services than a “full-service agency”. But with us, the difference is that you get direct access to all the creative goodness and avoid all the usual overhead costs that have become the advertising agency standard.

For us, transparency is a key word, and we want you to see us as your preferred partner when it comes to solving communicative challenges. We offer the close and personal relationship you’re used to from advertising agencies, but with a more tailored creative fit. With us, you get to work directly with the creative talent that suits you and your assignment best – not the one who happens to be waiting idly by the phone when you call.