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Working in a creative field is a lot of fun. Even more so when there is adequate compensation for your efforts. Agent Smith matches your creative profile with a corresponding corporate demand.

Agent Smith is your rep.

If you’re an artist or creative, chances are you feel a distinct uneasiness whenever someone mentions “administrative work”. While you illustrate, design, write, work on animations or orchestrate a photo shoot, we handle the things you’d rather forget about.

Making sure your profile perfectly meets the client’s requirements is our passion. Therefore, we are constantly on the lookout for your next commission. Welcome to Agent Smith!

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We constantly receive commissions spanning almost every field and are always on the lookout for new talent to meet that demand and cater to creative needs. Surprise us!

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need my own business to work for Agent Smith?

Yes. Agent Smith only represents people with their own business. Do you have any questions about getting started? We’re more than happy to help! Start by visiting There you can read about different kinds of business models and what you should think about when starting out as a freelancer.

Am I only allowed to take jobs from Agent Smith?

No. Contrary to traditional agencies, we demand no exclusivity, meaning you’re free to continue working on your own freelance projects. We simply want to make it easier for you to find new business opportunities and, in doing so, freeing up more of your time for creative work.

What about billing?

As a freelancer, you send your invoice to us at Agent Smith. It is then up to us to make sure the customer upholds their end of the bargain. We get a share of the commission, and the rest is yours. We always employ full transparency when it comes down to getting paid. 

I am an IT consultant. Would it be possible for me to register as a freelancer at Agent Smith?

Unfortunately no. At the moment, Agent Smith works exclusively with talent in PR and marketing. That’s what we do best. IT has yet to be added to our areas of expertise. Employing only carefully curated talent makes it unviable for us to add competence from fields of business we’re not 100% familiar with.

If you’re a freelancing IT consultant, we recommend you visit Nox Consulting, who work in a way similar to us, but in IT.

What do I do if something feels off about a commission?

To us, it is imperative that we find you a good match right off the bat. From there, we continuously check in to make sure the project is running smoothly.