Agent Smith is your
creative compass.

In a world where everyone wants to be seen and heard, creativity is the only thing that helps you cut through the static. We’ll show you how.

We are obsessed with the idea of ​​simplifying access to top-quality creative work. Sweden is without a doubt full of world-class photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists and communicators. But if you are not already in the business, you do not know who they are or how to get in contact with them. That’s why Agent Smith exists. We want to enrich your business with colour, shape, film, words and ideas.

Through our network we do just that: supply creative talent for you. The fact that we can also make it smoother and at a lower rate than others is not just a bonus: it is our primary goal.

Agent Smith finds the shortcuts you’ve been looking for.

A disruptive model
for the modern world

Companies today are starting to realise that their value does not lie in gathering all their resources under one roof. In order to provide the customer with an experience that is as good and smooth as possible, they have understood that it is best to be as close to their customers as possible.

Look at some of the world’s largest companies today: Airbnb has no hotels, Uber no cars and Facebook does not create its own content. Instead, they employ a holistic model combining networks to create a stronger core network. We work with our creatives in a similar way.

Our belief is that the old structures are too slow and too expensive for today’s digital reality. That is why we have removed everything unnecessary and instead focus on what’s important: delivering creative work of the highest quality to our customers.

Our creators work directly with you as a customer, and we work according to the principle of focusing on one customer at a time. Therefore, you are always the number one priority in a way that is not possible with a traditional workflow. We have our ear to te ground and keep abreast of the latest development. 

Want to know what studies say about putting together the optimal in-house department?

If you have read this far, you may have noticed that we promise a lot. That’s correct. We always rely on studies and research to find the best solutions for our customers. Take a look at some articles for a taste of how we think and work with the industry’s smartest insights.